List Of Herbs And Spices And Their Uses

List Of Herbs And Spices
List Of Herbs And Spices

It have been found that throughout the history the use of herbs and spice have given flavor to a variety of dishes in a number of different cultures. Besides flavoring, it has been used as folk medicine in different cultures and regions. The uses of herbs and spices and its combinations to use have been transmitted from generation to generation as a way to prepare specific foods or folk medicine. It is to no surprise that even today herbs and spices are used in the same way, the special combinations that instantly bring us back to the childhood in mother’s kitchen. Read more

Benefit Of Drinking Water In Copper Vessel

Benefits of copper water
Benefits of copper water

We all might have heard or seen that our great grandparents used to drink water stored in a copper vessel, even today older people follow this tradition. We modern people do not generally believe in their tradition and believe it to be useless. Now time has come to explore scientific reasons behind all tradition and get most benefit from it.

Now scientist has also proved that copper is an essential mineral that is vital to the health of all living things like humans, animals, plants and all microorganisms. In humans copper is an essential element needed for the proper functioning of organs and metabolic processes. Read more

Health Benefits of Touch Me Not Plant (Chui Mui – Lajwanti)

Touch Me Not Plant (Chui Mui - Lajwanti)
Touch Me Not Plant (Chui Mui – Lajwanti)

Mimosa pudica is also known as “touch me not plants” or “sensitive plant.” It is so called because the plant responds when exposed to touch with, its leaves go falter with sink and after some time it re-opens. It reacts when the force is applied in a plant knowing or unknowingly, it is sensitive to animals, to light at the time of day, daily dew, insect contact, etc.
Mimosa pudica name derives from the two Latin words “Mimosa” for “mimic” means to the sensitivity of the leaves and “Pudica” means “shy” shying away or shrinking These plants are native to South America and Central America. Read more

Indian Head Massage Benefits – Techniques and History

How to do Indian Head Massage Champi - Champissage
Indian Head Massage Champi – Champissage

Indian head massage is a traditional massage therapy that has its own unique techniques; it involves an application of massage to the shoulders, arms, neck, head and face. The treatment is performed with the client fully clothed and seated in a chair. The Indian tradition of head massage is most commonly found in the barbershops of India, where a man would generally go for a morning. Shave or for a head massage. Head massage therapy has its own importance in Indian society and has been a family tradition in the continents of Asia for over many centuries. Read more

10 Health Benefit of Drinking Water to Cure Various Diseases

Health Benefit of Drinking Water
Health Benefit of Drinking Water

Why is drinking water important for our body?

It has been scientifically proved that our body is composed of approximately 70% water, and is used for various vital functions of body. Water is used as fuel that provides hormones, nutrients and other vital supplements that body needs for functioning. It is also used to generate hydroelectric power that is especially required for normal brain function. Read more