Yoga Postures : Siddhasana
Yoga Postures : Siddhasana

Supremacy of this asana supports to acquire many paranormal powers. In yoga, there is a numerous of postures that appear simple, but are practically quite powerful. One of these postures is called “Perfect Pose,” as well as occasionally recommended to as “Adept’s Pose.” In Sanskrit, this posture is called, “Siddhasana” (sid-HAHS-uh-nuh). Siddhasana is a prehistoric contained yoga posture that is traditionally used over long periods of meditation and breathing actions (called “pranayama” in Sanskrit).While doing this asana, Do not coercion the body. Be aware of the emotions that the posture grows takes place in various parts from the body. Let the mind movement along with the body movements. Close your eyes and feel the feeling of peace.

Steps To Do  Yoga Siddhasana:

1. Place the left heel at the anus, the terminal opening of the digestive tract or gastrointestinal tract.
2. Keep your right heel on the root of the reproductive organ.
3. Must be some way that the knees and heels, both are on the other.
4. Keep your eyes half closed, the hands should be placed on each sole of the foot.

Benefits Of  Yoga Siddhasana:

1.Improves memory, digestion and the power of the mind.
2.The practice of this asana helps in concentration and mental clarity.
3.It is beneficial for those suffering from (wet dreams)nocturnal emissions.

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