According to Ayurveda, there are particular foodstuffs that are grouped as “Rasayana” which means that they are highly nourishing and even revitalizing to the body.
Ayurvedic Benefits Of Drinking Cow Milk
Milk is one such substance mention in Ayurveda that provides an alternative perspective to the generalist proclamation that dairy farm products are “bad” and contain the “wrong kind” of fat.

Ayurveda has specified eight types of milk acquired from different animal sources, and the vanity of the place has been given to Cow milk of desk breeds of India (Ksheera varge agryam).

Cow milk has been specified as nutritive and good for the vital organs such as the Eyes, Brain and the Heart. It holds sweet taste (Madhura rasa) and is chilling (Sheetha veerya) in nature. Cow Milk hypes immunity and acts as Rasayana and ojovardhaka.

We all know milk is a good source of protein and fats and have minerals like calcium. But there are many facts about cow’s milk which many of us are not aware of. Here are some of the way to consume cow’s milk and its nutrition facts.

The best breeds of cow have the best quality of milk

Indigenous cow breeds have better disease resistance and this resulted in less use of powerful drug and chemicals to control diseases.

Their milk has a better immune booster effect as described in Ayurveda as Rasayana property. Rasayana is the ability of a food or herbal medicine or medicament for feeding a uniform body.

The person consuming cow’s milk of indigenous breeds of cows have better resistance to disease and have less digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Cow’s milk has multiple nutritional properties and is a good tonic for the blood, skin, eyes, etc.

1. It is easy to digest

In the absence of breast milk, cow’s milk has been suggested as a natural alternative. Children who have weak digestion frequently suffer from frequent vomiting and loose motions. In the case of recurrent episodes of diarrhea, children may lead to malnutrition and growth retardation. For such children, indigenous breeds of cow milk is a better alternative because it is easy to digest and is more nutritious.

2. it improves immunity system

If your child is suffering from recurrent infections, such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis it is time that you turn on to your milk supply to cow milk that is obtained from Indigenous breeds of Indian cow.

3. It improves intelligence and memory

Cow’s milk has the effect of improving Medha or intellect and is also a good memory strengthening. It is ideal as a brain tonic because according to Ayurveda it has the ability to pacify vata dosha that is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system. As we remember our forefathers always used to advised cow’s milk and cow butter as the best brain tonic.

4. It is best for the brain’s growth

As we know our ancestors were beyond the caloric value of milk and milk were found to have a calming effect on the mind. They have said that cow’s milk improves the “Sattva Guna” in us that leads to the improvement of the positive characteristics of a person.

5. It strengthens bones

For pure vegetarians, cow’s milk is a good source of vitamin D, which plays an important role in calcium absorption in the intestine. Good absorption of calcium will result in bone strength. So cow’s milk is very important for women who are approaching menopause because menopause increases susceptibility to osteoporosis.

What is the Perfect way to drink cow’s milk?

Milk must always be boiled before drinking it. Since indigenous breeds of’ cow’s milk have a naturally sweet taste there no need for extra sugar in it. Since cow’s milk itself is a complete formula, ideally should be consumed without any additives.

What amount of milk is best for consumption?

Amount of milk consumed depends on the age and the digestive capacity of the individual. Always good to have a complete diet with good sources of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. Milk can be a good source of protein, fat, and minerals. One or two cups of milk a day should be ideal.

Is Cow’s milk  Good for Elders?

Fifty above is the time when the bones begin to show signs of degeneration and more prone to fractures and arthritis due to bone weakness. Cow’s milk is a perfect bone tonic for the people at this age.

What are the benefits of Cow’s milk for Women?

Women during pregnancy and lactation should consume adequate amounts of milk. They are prone to osteoporosis during and after menopause, and should ideally have the cow during this period.

What combinations should be avoided with Milk?

Do not consume milk with acidic fruits like pineapple tasting, strawberries, etc. Avoid eating fish and seafood along with milk. For people who have high cholesterol and heart disease sufferers, whey is better than milk. Buttermilk has the ability to make people lean obese.