If you are pregnant, you might have already realized that this stage is a real challenge to the body. Every day you notice that something in you is changing, your breasts and your belly get bigger.
8 Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnant Women
You are sleepy at all times; feel more sensitive for everything for the baby to grow. Dot you find it absolutely fascinating? Nature has everything planned!

However, on many occasions, the rhythm of daily life, beliefs, and social customs can make it difficult for this wisdom of the body to express itself and cause difficulties. However, there are different options that will help you to recover you’re well being.

How Does Yoga Help In Pregnancy?

Yoga has multiple benefits, how does it do in pregnancy? We will see a few benefits of it below.

1. It harmonizes body, mind, and spirit

Yoga practice helps in opening a space of connection with the internal state of your vital-force, which is needed for you in every moment.

It is very important in a special moment of life in which you are living because it generates mental calmness, which allows you to feel clear, what is happening inside you and what you need to relocate outside so that everything flows in harmony.

2. It keeps you active, strong and flexible

Thanks to the conscious movement of the asanas (postures), it together with breathing and relaxation, ease tensions that are accumulated, by the repositioning of your body of the spine or the pelvis.

The wellness is restored in entire areas of the body. Think that of the injury of the tissues, and you will feel the pain, it is the result of blockages in the energy field generated by negative emotions recorded in your inner being.

3. It re-balance your autonomic nervous system

Our nervous system is responsible for regulating all those vital functions that do not depend on your will (e.g. the beating of the heart, breathing, digestion, circulation of blood, sleep, segregation of hormones ) and to a large extent of pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing.

In some cases, it was found that pregnant women with some negative symptoms associated with pregnancy had been benefits as yoga acts directly on a system, it internally rebalances the whole hormonal and metabolic system.

4. It helps the baby to grow

If you do not adopt appropriate lifestyle changes during pregnancy, physical and mental stress may occur. How does this affect pregnancy? As you know, stress generates cortisol, a hormone that is known as an inhibitor for the growth of the baby.

Relaxation is an excellent technique that helps to lower these harmful hormones and amplify the development of a good pregnancy. So while practicing yoga you are encouraging your child to grow without any kind of difficulty.

5. It increases the chance of normal delivery

In yoga sessions, you have the ideal space to connect with the magic of creation, with your ability to give life, to help your child to be born and grow.

In those moments of connection, the greatness of creation is recorded in your cellular memory to awaken the day of childbirth, helping to evolve in a natural way.

6. It allows you to experience life

What seems easy? Well, in everyday life the most usual thing is to do instead of feeling, and emotions play a fundamental role in life; recognizing them, feeling them and releasing them gives us inner peace.

Being pregnant you will have realized that you are more sensitive, that you perceive with greater intensity how you feel and what you need at each moment.

Getting used to being in touch with your emotions is very interesting for your life, but even more than that is having a tool that helps you to manage them. The breathing proposed by yoga is a great helper.

7. It encourages your sixth sense

Remember every human being has it, but in general something asleep. On the other hand, she wakes up in pregnancy.

Meditation and silence help you to recognize that process that is reborn so that you can take advantage of it as a guide for this life cycle.

The sixth sense is the voice of your interior that tells you which way to go so that everything flows better.

8. It teaches you to have trust in you

Yoga set your steps towards your interior so that you remember the knowledge that is already in you and recovers your power.

Being a mother means that you have to make many decisions, but quiet, you have been feeling and inner wisdom to guide you.

Practicing yoga you can also learn to live in the present, to accept yourself as you are, to trust in you and in others, connect you with the joy of living and awakens love in your heart.

Do you think you can serve the new being that is coming?

Remember that if you do he also practices yoga with you. And when this ancient science is part of your day to day, love and trust in life is becoming the basis of your life and your family.

And here lies the great change in humanity, in every womb that spawns from love and trust.

Yoga once you’ve tried it, you’ll feel so good that you cannot quit.¬†And after delivery, the baby can also accompany you, so there are no excuses!