Yoga, itself is a solution for many health ailments, do you think to lose fat, improve your energy or release some stress or clear up your mind?
What Is Yoga 10 Best Uses and Benefits Of Yoga Asanas
If yes to any of those questions, then yoga is an answer to it. You’re probably might have not been wondering how some of the hot yoga postures can benefit you.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a discipline that originated in India and whose practice is the application of a set of concentration techniques that are practiced to attain greater physical and mental control. Yoga is an exercise that’s been used for over 5000 years for many purposes.

It consisted of tons of distinct theory’s observations and principles regarding the mind-body connection, which is now being studied by our modern science. Today yoga has become very popular throughout the world; the International Day of Yoga has celebrated annually on 21 June.

There are different types of Hatha yoga; it has a wide variety of moves, body postures, and breathing techniques. To maximize health benefits should practice regularly, the three main aspects of yoga, which are Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing) and Dhyan (meditation).

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What are the benefits of yoga?

There are many health benefits of yoga, the researchers have found that performing yoga can improve balance, strength, flexibility, improve an energy level, reduce pain levels among seniors. In a survey result from 2012, it was found that people who practice yoga believe that it improves their general well-being.

Yoga may help to relieve neck pain, low-back pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, menopause, depressive symptoms like anxiety, sleep problems, lose weight, etc. Below are some hot yoga benefits.[1]

1. It Reduces stress

The standard of living of the current society hurries, worries, traffic jams are responsible for stress. The body responds to this by generating cortisol, a hormone responsible for keeping the body on alert.

Thanks to the combination of action and relaxation in the practice of yoga, this will allow us to immediately control the secretion of this hormone reducing stress.

2. It improves breathing

Due to the awareness of our own breathing, the main and fundamental aspect of Yoga, we will be able to reduce the stress caused by our daily life. Stress affects breathing first of all. So if we start to control this, we will be on the path to improve our physical and mental health.

We will learn to change our breathing patterns and to base ourselves on it to acquire relaxation and begin to notice changes in our organism.

Many postures and movements are based on the reduction in speed and deepen breathing; this practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system and increases the relaxation response.

3. It increases strength and endurance

In Yoga, we use all the muscles of our body. The regular practice of Yoga will allow us to develop our muscles, from the largest to the smallest, gaining strength and endurance. Along with the coordination of breathing and mind, Yoga becomes a very beneficial practice.

4. It increases flexibility

If we practice Yoga assiduously, the muscles will stretch more easily and the joints will increase their elasticity.
With practice, this will be translated into greater agility and prevention of ailments that appear with age, as well as prevent the effects of daily postures, such as sitting in the office, driving, standing, etc.

5. It benefits in the circulation

Thanks to the practice of Yoga, you will obtain benefits in your circulatory system, based mainly on postures and relaxation and meditation exercises. Relying on the vinyasa postures can link to the rhythm of breathing, we will obtain a much healthier heart.

6. It controls weight

We must bear in mind that weight loss is the result of a balanced diet such as starting the morning with healthy breakfasts. As a consequence, it will help us in this process of mental control of our impulses and anxieties.

7. It regulates the nervous-endocrine system

Yoga helps to regulate and restore the balance of our nervous and endocrine systems.
These are responsible for the process of reception, integration, and response of all types of information received by the body and mind.

8. It alleviates the pain

Several studies have shown that the practice of Yoga and its asana (postures) combined with relaxation and meditation can help people with diseases or ailments related to pain, they can get very considerable relief.
If you are from people who have physical ailments, we encourage you to start your practice.

9. It develops consciousness

This is the great gift that Yoga offers us, the connection with the present moment. The more we practice, the more aware we become of our environment and the world around us. It directly benefits a better concentration, coordination, reaction time and memory.

10. It boosts Inner peace

It is the immediate result of the practice of Yoga and meditation. Cultivate inner peace and stillness. They are the basis for the other benefits of Yoga to have a real and authentic effect.

It is a practice that will bring us benefits from the first day we started. It’s an exercise that can be done anywhere, but if you happen to choose a quiet and comfortable place, the experience will be much more positive.