Do you love seeing pictures of couples who love each other? I like them, and to be Frank; I dream of the moment when it’s my turn to live the same. I love seeing them because the love they profess is transmitted, and you get fascinated. I know that their love is mutual because when they look at each other, that affection they have is all that one can feel in that shot.
9 Signs That You Have A Man Who Loves You By Your Side
However, it’s not just the way they look at each other. It’s the touch of their hands, the way they are treated, the attention they give each other; all that makes time stop between them, and that they say without words everything they feel. Truly, love is something that intrigues me.

It is not that I have never loved in my life. I have loved; that is why I give myself permission to speak about this; one thing is that my love has not been matched in the same way, but I still know what I’m talking about.

Men and women love the same, with intensity, with strength and with purity of feeling. That is why, if you have loved someone, you know that when you feel that way, you are able to give your life for that person. You even feel that you could go to the moon if that brings you closer to the object of your affections. It may sound as unreal as you want, but it is true, and you know it.

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How Can You Tell That He Loves You?

It’s like everything, sometimes we need to recognize signs that reaffirm he loves you, that he really does, and that is not just something you long for him to feel for you.

For that reason, it is necessary that you know the signs that help you to know if your boyfriend really loves you. Here are few tips on them.

1. You occupy a significant place in his life.

A man has multiple interests and is 100 times more clueless than a woman. That is why; he can make a great effort to make himself a space to spend time with you, to attend to your messages and calls, get to relax and assured that he really loves you.

2. Looks at you in a special way

If your boyfriend loves you, he will look at you in a unique way, like studying each part of your being. His look will be accompanied by an accomplice smile.

Sometimes, if you discover him looking at you, he will dodge your look, continue to smile and try to hide so as not to be in evidence.

3. When you are together, all his attention is focused on you.

He wants to be by your side as long as possible and will be attentive to what you say, and you do; he may even ask about what you think.

In fact, if there are things that he feels, I should know about you, he will do everything possible to discover it without your knowing about it, or at least, it is not so obvious.

4. Will be attentive to what you speak.

When you speak, it does not interrupt you; it looks at you fixedly and follows the line of your conversation. What it does is tries to understand you and knows you even more through what you say and the way you express yourself.

5. As he loves you, he appreciates your loved ones.

He likes to share time with you and your family. Moreover, when in your house, you go through difficulties, he tries to help without getting too involved in his affairs. He does it because he loves you and wants you not to suffer from the adversities of life.

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6. Stops doing things that he likes by favoring you.

The best thing is that he may not even ask you. He may give up going to that soccer game or may stop looking forward to, to go to that birthday party for his little nephew, even if he had already agreed to do so it did not matter that he was not there.

It does not mean that he does not care about that kind of thing; but he likes to spend time with you, wants you to feel comfortable with you and wants to show you that he can give up matters of importance to benefit you.

7. There is no distance that separates you from him

If you have to travel for work or study and even be on the other side of the world, he will always strive to be in contact with you and let you know each of their daily adventures or dilemmas.

He wants you to participate in his affairs and for that he communicates them to you, although he looks forward to the moment when he can be close to you again.

8. He will try not to be in a fight with you for a long time

You are going to have problems; love is not free from that kind of things in life; however, the truth is that you need to fix whatever it is that has made you argue because it does not tolerate the time away from you or have hurt you, if that was what happened.

9. You are sure you want to have a life partner by your side

It is very possible that he has escaped one or another plan that he wants to propose to you to carry out as a couple. Perhaps he has even considered the idea of marrying you, and although he is not able to tell you directly, he has let you know his intentions in some conversations.

You may find that signals are enough to get the answer you have been looking for, but your heart will be the one that makes you feel better and give you a certainty in it. Alternatively, you can ask him; you decide.