When you’re in a relationship, it’s only natural to want to spend time with your partner. But sometimes you may feel as though the time that you do get to share together isn’t enough.
How To Make Him Spend More Time With You
Maybe it was only for a couple of hours during a given day or week, and you’re not only left missing out on time together, but you’re left missing your partner. The good news is that no matter how jam-packed both of your schedules may be, there are ways to increase the amount of time that you get to spend with your mate and therefore increase the happiness in your relationship.

1. Communicate

If you’d like to spend more time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s crucial that you be assertive and tell him or her. Your partner may not be aware that the amount of time that you’re spending together isn’t enough for you.

In fact, he or she might be so consumed with work, outside commitments, other friends and/or pastimes that he or she believes that the amount of time you spend together is perfectly fine.

However, if you’re feeling as though you want more one-on-one time, it’s actually time for a one-on-one conversation in which you express your thoughts and concerns to your mate.

And once you are open and honest with your partner, he or she will be more conscious of your desire to spend more time together, and from there you can both take steps as a couple to work toward this goal.

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 2. Plan ahead

If you’re longing to spend more time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s important to schedule time you’ll be spending together in advance.

Everyone is busy and pulled in many different directions, so there’s no reason not to take out your calendar and block out some chunks of time that you’ll be spending with your partner.

It’s smart, efficient and the very act of knowing that these moments together are on the horizon will make the time that you do spend together that much more exciting, intriguing and intimate. There’s no better time to ask Siri to schedule off time with your sweetheart.

3. Find activities that you both enjoy

When you’re looking to spend more time with the object of your affection, you should try to plan activities that both you and your partner won’t object to.

If you know your girlfriend is scared of horses, don’t plan an afternoon together at a ranch. If your boyfriend finds baseball extremely boring, don’t take him out to a ballgame.

Instead, find pastimes that you and your partner are both interested in doing and aren’t likely to pass on, whether it’s heading to the beach, having dinner at a favorite restaurant or simply going on a long walk.

Your goal should be to make the time you spend together full of excitement and not full of complaints.

4. Compromise

Along those lines, it’s also imperative to be willing to compromise with your partner in terms of how and when you get to spend time together.

Compromising plays an important role in any successful relationship, and if your only chance to see your partner during the week is for an hour after work, instead of counting how short that time is, make that time count.

To that end, instead of being resentful of the amount of time you get to spend together, remember that quality outweighs quantity.

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5. Have realistic expectations

It’s also time to ask yourself if you’re expecting too much from your partner. For example, if your mate gets up early each workday, but you’d like him or her to also get up early on the weekends.

In order to spend time with you, it’s important to recognize that you may be asking too much. Instead, take a step back and make sure that your expectations of your boyfriend or girlfriend are in check.

Remember, you partner’s life isn’t going to revolve around yours, so it’s important to find a resolution so that your desire to spend more time together is feasible and reasonable for both you and your partner.

6. Be fully present

When you do get to be with your partner, make sure that your mind isn’t somewhere else. And that means putting away your phone, tablet and laptop, since truly connecting with your partner doesn’t need to involve a wireless connection.

Instead, turn off the television and turn your attention to your partner. The time that you spend together as a couple will actually be heightened when you’re truly mindful and engaged in the present moment.

When you make your time together truly momentous, you won’t be left trying to increase the moments you spend together.