What is bee propolis? Some people might know; however, more than 60% of the people are unaware of it. What is Bee Propolis What Are The Benefits Of Bee Propolis

You must know that, propolis is a substance that is produced by the bee; it is a waxy substance, made from pine resin and other trees mixed with wax and pollen. Bees use propolis to seal cracks and breaks in the hive and to build new panels. The term propolis comes from a Greek word, which means defense of the city.

Apparently, propolis also acts as an antiseptic barrier because it protects the hive from the pollution of toxic substances and invasive animals such as snakes, lizards, and mice. Since ancient medieval times, propolis has been used as folk medicine in different cultures to treat abscesses, fight infections, and heal wounds.

At present, there have been various scientific studies that have been found a long list of health benefits of propolis. Do you want to know? The propolis has medicinal properties that have anti-cancer benefits.

What are the health benefits of bee propolis?

It contains more than 300 active compounds with anti-cancer properties able to fight cancer cells in different ways. It can also be of great use to lessen the side effects or toxicity of chemotherapy drugs. Below are some of the more uses of bee propolis.

1. It is Regenerative

It stimulates the production of new skin cells, and can be very useful in healing burns, can be helpful to the second-degree burns and wounds.

2. It Is Antiseptic

It has the enormous power to combat fungi, viruses, and bacteria. For this reason, it has been popularly used for years to treat colds and flu. In addition, it can also be of great use to relieve any condition of the throat and ear infections.

3. It Is Bactericidal

It can be of great help to improve oral health, there is evidence that shows its great effectiveness to treat periodontists, gingivitis, and to remove plaque and reduce tooth decay. You can also get bactericidal properties from consuming its tea.

4. It Is Antiviral

It is a natural remedy that is highly effective for removing warts or fish eyes. In a study, for 3 months with 135 volunteers with different types of warts, some were given to consume oral propolis. The results were significant, those who were taking propolis achieved a cure rate of 75%, and those others was 73%.

5. It Is Hypertensive

According to researchers, the propolis has a chemical composition capable of decreasing the enzyme tyrosine hydrolyzes and can limit levels of nitric oxide. Both these compounds are closely linked to blood pressure.

6. It Is Strengthener

It is also found to be very beneficial to prevent and improve bone diseases and collaborating in building and maintaining healthy bones, cartilage, and joints. This benefit comes from the hand due to its rich content in caffeine acid, a highly potent compound.

7. It Is Anti-allergic

It can relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies. This was confirmed by several scientific studies; they have found that it was highly effective in slowing the release of histamine and relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis on its digestive.

8. It has antimicrobial activity

Thanks to its high antimicrobial activity of propolis that it can kill germs that commonly cause food poisoning. The scientists found that it can slow the growth of C. jejuni, Enterobacter faecalis and Staphylococcus aureus it’s invigorating.

Besides this, it possesses incredible antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It is an excellent natural remedy that can help you regain strength and prevent excessive temperature, typical of sports activities, especially in the hot months.

However, despite its extraordinary healing benefits, propolis can produce some negative effects on your body.

Side Effects And Contraindications Of Propolis

  • Skin rash
  • Irritations in a mouth
  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea

Avoids consumption if

  • You’re pregnant
  • You’re breastfeeding
  • Suffer from allergic bronchial asthma

How to consume the recommended dose of propolis

For oral consumption, the daily recommended dose is 5 mg per kg body weight. This means that if you weigh 75 kg, it is advisable to consume 375 mg of propolis. External use has no limit because it has not been found to produce side effects.

Where to buy propolis?

You can find for sale in specialty stores, pharmacies and even supermarkets, presented in the form of,

  • Tablets
  • Candies
  • Ointments
  • Creams
  • lotions

If you like to use natural products, especially those produced by bees, to treat your health problems, surely you’ll love to know different uses you can give them. I recommend you to take a look at some details on ayurvedic medicine.