When you’re in a new or long-term relationship, you may be wondering how you can be a better boyfriend or girlfriend to your mate.
9 Simple Ways You Can Become a Better Partner
Whether it’s your desire to create a deeper and more meaningful connection with your partner or simply your hopes of one day being inducted into the boyfriend or girlfriend Hall of Fame, there are certain behaviors that can help you stand out if you want to be a standout partner.

Since there’s no “Love Potion No. 9” that can enable you to enhance your skills in the boyfriend or girlfriend department, the good news is that there are nine key ways to become a better partner and therefore enjoy a better relationship.

1.  Be Communicative.

If you want to be an amazing boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to be able to vocalize your thoughts and feelings to your partner. If you shut your mate out from your true beliefs, opinions and emotions, your relationship will start to shut down. However, if you’re able to talk openly with your partner and express how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind, your connection and your relationship will be stronger.

2.  Be Honest.

Along these same lines, if you want to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend that you can be, it means that you have to be truthful. Hiding things from your partner, keeping secrets and being untrustworthy are not qualities of a quality boyfriend or girlfriend. If you want to be a truly great mate, you should strive to be honest, straightforward and trustworthy.

3.  Be Supportive.

The sign of a top-notch boyfriend or girlfriend is his or her ability to be there for his or her mate. That means supporting your partner with both your words and your actions, such as by accompanying him to doctor’s appointments, listening to her concerns about her family and comforting him after a hard day at the office. To reach first-rate boyfriend or girlfriend status, you should strive to be compassionate, caring and considerate.

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4.  Be Cooperative.

If you want to be a better partner, you also have to be able to compromise. There are times when you’ll have to make sacrifices, accommodations and changes in order to appease your partner. That might mean switching to gluten-free pizza in light of your partner’s allergies. Or perhaps you’ll have to change to a morning yoga class so you can spend time with your partner after work instead. If you want to win the medal for best boyfriend or girlfriend, compromise is the name of the game.

5.  Be Fair.

In order to improve your boyfriend or girlfriend skills, you can’t be afraid to disagree with your partner. While you may think that being a great boyfriend or girlfriend means agreeing with your mate on every single topic, that’s actually not the case. Conflict is a natural part of any happy and healthy relationship, and you and your partner shouldn’t be afraid to have arguments, disagreements and squabbles. The difference is that a terrific boyfriend or girlfriend is someone who is willing to find common ground, wants to make amends and is not afraid to admit that he or she was wrong.

6.  Be Affectionate.

If you want to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend to your partner, it’s time to show him or her just how much you care. Being warm, complimentary and lovey-dovey with your partner can help increase the passion and intimacy levels in your relationship as well as your connection in general. Showing your sweetheart how special he or she is to you is at the heart of being a great partner.

7.  Be Kind.

Another step toward becoming a star boyfriend or girlfriend is by being kinder to your partner and to others as well. Whether you help fix her leaky faucet, surprise him with tickets to his favorite sports team or replace her broken headphones, being kind is a trait of a great boyfriend or girlfriend. But it doesn’t stop there—being kind to others, such as your coworkers, the restaurant hostess or the stranger on the subway is also a characteristic of a terrific partner. No one wants to be around a cruel, malicious or spiteful person. So if you’d like to be at the top of your class, being kind to others is a prerequisite.

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8.  Be Grateful.

Another way to become a higher-quality boyfriend or girlfriend is by showing gratitude. You should thank your partner for opening doors for you, treating you to dinner or even helping you pick out a gift for a friend’s wedding. By showing your partner that you don’t take him or her for granted, you’re improving your connection as well as taking steps toward becoming an improved boyfriend or girlfriend.

9.  Be Yourself.

In the end, when it comes to being a better boyfriend or girlfriend, it means being your 100% authentic self. You shouldn’t be playing a role, faking it or acting like someone you’re not just to please your mate. By letting your partner know the real you, you’re really on track to be the greatest boyfriend or girlfriend that you can be.