Ayurveda in terms means the “science of long living life.” Ayurvedic therapies take’s the person closer to nature and make us healthy. The science of life, has been practiced for health management as well as for wellness and prevention of diseases.
Dinacharya – Ayurveda Daily Routine Rules For Living Healthy Life
Today  Ayurveda’s way of living principles have also been validated by modern medical systems. The  word “Dinacharya” is a Sanskrit word means daily routine. Ayurveda suggests that in order to be healthy we must tune our bodies to the nature’s principal, cycle that regulates the various other rhythms.

According to Ayurveda a day have two cycles that change pass through us, each bringing a Vata, Pitta, or Kapha pre-eminence.Here, we will talk about the some important steps mentioned in the “Dinacharya” theory of Ayurveda, that speaks about a daily regimen for healthy living.

I. Dinacharya concept For Morning

1. Wake Up Early

According to Ayurveda dincharya 2.00AM to 6.00AM is vata time.The person should wake up at least 2 hours before sunrise as this hours the vata elements are dominant.As vata is light and clear the person can utilize the vata qualities in the nature.Brush your teeth with babool stem and massage your teeth and gums with sesame oil.

2. Expulsion

One must drink two or more glass of warm water it will help in elimination soon.This will help to empty your bladder and bowels to release toxins and waste from the body.The more time you take for elimination there are always a risk of chronic conditions to arise in body.

3. Exercise and Meditation

One must perform Vyayama (physical exercise) in open air.One can also perform various exercise like  walk, a swim, sun salutes,beside this yoga posture pranayam (breathing exercises) is the best for mind body and soul.Early morning exercise strengthen the body and mind by keeping it calm,it also reduces belly fat and gives you an overall feeling of lightness,strengthens the digestive fire,and one feels Joy with good Prana.

4. Cleansing of body

One must take bath with warm water and remove excess dirt and oil from body.One must wash eyes with plenty of water,Ayurveda recommend use of Triphala and rose water as it betters the eyesight.One must brush teeth with babool stem.Ayurveda considers the coating on the tongue as an indicator of AMA (toxins)in the colon so one must always clean the tongue to purify your mouth and sense of taste.

5. Breakfast

As per Ayurveda the breakfast should be between 6:00AM to 10:00 AM.This time the Agni is quite low, and it is  hard to digest the big breakfast for most bodies.Ayurveda recommend that one must eat easily digestible meal that nourishes the body by giving it the fuel it needs, without overwhelming it.Eating breakfast according to Ayurvedic principles, will provide more energy to body throughout the day.

II. Dinacharya concept At Noon

1. Noon Meal

According to Ayurveda dincharya 10.00AM to 02.00PM is Pitta time.Ayurveda recommends this time best for heavy meals as Pitta  is responsible for digestion power.One should remember that skipping of  breakfast,lunch or dinner can lead to derangement of digestion and metabolism which may cause hypertension,obesity other disorders.

III. Dinacharya concept After Sunset

1. Night Dinner

According to Ayurvedic dincharya “10.00PM to 02.00AM is Kapha time.One should take lunch around 7.00 to 8.00 PM.One must eat easy digestible food,dinner must be at least 3 hours before bedtime.This give body the time to digest the food properly.One can also go for a walk for about 10 to 20 minute which will digest the food and will give you a sound sleep.

2. Perfect Bedtime

Ayurveda recommends 10.00PM to 11.00PM hours the time best for sleep this give the person the time 6 to 7 hours to sleep.If you are unable to take the sound sleep,you can take warm water bath, body massage with ayurvedic oil this is a general tips for sound sleep recommend by Ayurveda

  • If one follows the routine of “Dincharya” of Ayurveda one can live healthy satisfying life.

Beside the best of all above points you need focus to your dreams. If you really want to live a healthy life dreams for your future and go for it.

Do not let life’s trials despair you life in fact, these are just God’s ways to keep you holding on and that’s what matters the most. So hold on to live the life of your dreams.