Eye is one of the most important body parts in the human body. Eyes are reliable for the act of vision in people. With the help of our eyes, we are able to view the things around us and carry out our daily activities with great ease. Any disruption to the performance of eyes induces to great trouble and discomforts.
How To Improve Eyesight Naturally With Ayurveda
Ayurveda describes that Pitta Dosha, the element of fire and light, controls our eyes. Specifically, the sub-Dosha refer as “Alochaka Pitta” lives through the eyes. Alochaka pitta occupies images and colors, allowing us to take in and digest all the visual senses coming to us.

When Alochaka pitta is in balance, eyes are healthy, bright, clear, shiny, glowing, and we enjoy sharp eyesight.If pitta changes into stepped up, we can feel excess heat, anger, frustration, and liver problems. As pitta rises in a person, they become stressed, feel over worked, and ultimately burn out.

Weakened vision and eye problems are generally related to pitta overdrive and liver imbalance. Ayurveda suggests avoiding reading in insufficient lighting and, of course avoiding viewing TV for a long period of time.

Diet And Nutrition

The foremost remedy is to keep pitta, cool and calm with appropriate foods and daily meditation. Ayurveda suggests various ways to, prevent any damage in the eye and when needed, to cure disorders caused.Proper care of ayes is very well explained ayurveda  in “dinacharya” means  day to day activities of  life on how to to live healthy life and also very well  explained for the eye care.

1. Every morning after awaking up, fill your mouth with water, close the eyes and spatter water on eyes for about 12-15 times. Ayurveda suggests, to wake up early before sunrise and not use hot water to wash the eyes.

2. Eating leafy vegetable and carrots is very advantageous for the eyes. It should generally eat raw. One can also drink carrot or cabbage juice separately or together.

3. Daily eye exercise maintains eyesight perfect. One simple method generally advises by eye expert, of exercise is moving the eyeball right and left; upwards and downwards and revolving around it in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

4. Try to take care of routine and clean bowel movements. Constipation is also one of the reasons, which weakens the eyesight, additionally mental stress, too much anxiety, sadness, anger and distress are moreover, dangerous for the eyes.

5. Going to bed late in the night and sleeping even after sunrise is also the factor which damages your eyes. In a situation of staying up late, drink a cup of coffee, tea or water after every hour or half hour.

6. Protect your eyes from dust, smoke, strong sun’s rays and strong breeze. Avoid remaining long in such atmosphere if happen to be one must only blink and do not open your eyes, massage the closed eyes gently with your palms.

Ayurvedic Herbs For Improving Eyesight

1. Marigold :Marigold is taken as a cold extract for washing off eyes that are stressed. Marigold puts forward a chilling effect to the eyes, and it is also effective in situations of pinkeye.

2. Aloe juice :Mix three teaspoonful Aloe juice, half teaspoon clove oil, add one cup water to it and drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach it will better your vision.

3. Green spinach:Green spinach has an ideal combination for eye nourishing vitamins? Therefore, it is an excellent herbal cure for weak eyesight.

4. Carrot :Carrot is so helpful in eye care it is also taught to school students that carrots contain beta-carotene. That is the indication of vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is responsible for strengthening the eyes and protecting them from night blindness.

5. Indian Sorrel: The Indian Sorrel has unusual properties in the healing of several eye problems; A few drops of the juice of its leaves should be put in the eyes every day to keep them free from strain and waterfall.

6.Coriander:Decoction prepared from coriander can be used as an eyewash for persons with pinkeye, it will help in instant reduction of the burning, redness and swelling of the eyes.

7.Indian Gooseberry:The Indian gooseberry, familiar as amalaki, is peculiar in managing optic difficulties. It can bring comfort in both pinkeye and glaucoma. You can also take its juice with honey for best effects.

8.Aniseed:Aniseed is particularly helpful in the cure of cataract (water fall). The powder of its seeds is taken in a tablespoon amount of daily morning and evening.

9.Babul:Babul can treat conjunctivitis;the babul leaves should be applied to the eyes before going to sleep at night. It will reduce the itching, wateriness and the redness of the sore eyes.

10.Passion Flower:The Passion flowers is an herb very advantageous for eyes exposed to constant stress. It relaxes the fine blood vessels in the eyes and gives a relaxing impact.

11.Hawthorn:The herb hawthorn is rich in carotenoid and flavonoid,  which  improves blood motion in the eyes and lowers the risk of shortsighted.

12.Goldenseal :For dealing with an infected or swollen eye you can use herbs like Goldenseal, washes prepared from these herbs are definitely useful.

13.Chicory Root:Make a powder of chicory root,mix half teaspoon powder with half teaspoon honey and half teaspoon cow milk ghee . Eat this once or twice with milk it will be an advantageous herbal cure for weak eyesight.

14. Parsley: The fresh juices of parsley leaves are very useful for eye care. It has the properties that can ease various eye’s problems such as cataracts, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis (pink eye), weak eyes, drowsiness of the pupils as well as ophthalmic.

15.Bilberry:Bilbery is a wonder herb for enlightening eyesight it is efficient for improving night vision. It contains flavonoid that controls retinal injury and capillary fragility.

This are some basic tips on how to improve eyesight naturally.Beside this one must avoid stress this is also a good way to keep your eyes healthy. Proper eye care is also needed to improve the view, such as avoid watching television for hours, seating on your computer all day, reading till your eyes water, etc. Medation yoga may give relax to the eyes, this will help to maintain clear and sharp vision forever.