As we know that our life has become so hard and fast in this rapidly growing world and technology. We are so busy racing through in our day to day lives that we don’t even take time to look after ourselves. It’s really no wonder that we generally are tired off and run down.
How To Leave A Healthy Lifestyle
We generally have seen that we have neglected our wellness and health in the fast paced world. We are so busy racing through our day to day lives with our family, friends, work and social engagements that we don’t even take the time to look after ourselves. Living a healthy living is must to fulfill all actives, below are some simple tips if we follow it we can improve our quality of life.

Drinking Water Can Change Life

Yes it is true; you might have read or heard it a million times that water is must as it gives us energy. So it is time to get seriously about it. As we know human body has 72% water and researchers have found that 5% drop in fluids in our body can creates loss of energy to about 25-30%, and if drop to 15% may even causes death!.

Research have also been made that 66% people around world aren’t drinking enough water, it means that over half the population in world are lacking in it. We generally cannot change other bad factors such as bad air, bad food and stress, but we off course can make habit of drinking just one glass of water every half hour or ten to twelve glasses of water average per day. If you make a habit, you really will notice a change and jump in your energy levels.

Drinking Juice Make’s You Healthy

Generally people don’t know that cooking the food above 116°F destroys much of the nutrient content in it. The fact is that we all are eating non nutrient diet and aren’t eating enough veggies. That’s the main problem with all of us and we do not take it seriously. Nutritionists recommend an apple and a five serves of fresh vegetables per day, if consume can give the best nutrient your body.

We actually are not so serious about the expert’s advice are neglecting with our health.To get right nutrient grab some fresh vegetables (take 4 to 5 different vegetables) juice it and then consume it for a good health. While juicing make sure that you own a good quality juicer as some juicers may expose vegetables to heat and create a friction, which may breaks down important enzymes.

It simply takes a fraction of your time as there’s no cooking involved in it. The other nutrient can obtained from Wheat grass juice it is an excellent source of nutrition with high chlorophyll. The researchers described it as ‘plant blood’ as it closely resembles to human red blood cell molecules that has over 100 elements that our body needs. So consuming fresh juice can give you the best vitamins and minerals that your body wants.

Exercise Plan Can Get You Healthy

The word Exercise is the most dirty word for most of us bout it is true that it can make you healthy and fit. So make a practice and spend little time on it to be healthy. The Exercise doesn’t so time consuming and boring now a days as it was years ago.

Today there are plenty of options like yoga, dance, excise step, aerobics, and swimming, of course gyms which usually offer weight loss plans, with whole range of new workout and options.If you want to spend some money then you can buy an exercise bike or walker, you can exercise it while watching your favorite television shows, news.

If you are new please do take advice of expert trainee for the first couple of weeks. Generally it is safe to start with 5 minutes per day (not more than that) than if you think you can do it you can continue. After 2 weeks you can increase to 7 minutes per day and go increasing such as 10 minutes to 12 minutes and so on.

Remember to increase your activity at a level that you’re comfortable with or it may risk your health rather than making you healthy.If you don’t really want to spend money and time for the gym you spend your valuable time at home by playing with children, if you have a hobby of gardening it is also the best as can burn calorie which can keep you healthy.

So by making some changes in life such as drinking, eating average, and little excise can make your dream comes true. It is rather more important to create a space in your lives for what is truly important. We have so much to do, and we want to do so much, is an inevitable that all cannot be done. So stop driving ourselves crazy, and focus on what is truly of significance by spending each minutes of life to be happy and healthy. Do remember to laugh like a loon the louder the better.