Ayurvedic massage is prescribed as it is one of the keys to longevity.Ayurveda an Indian system of medicine which is more than 5000 years focuses on the concept of holistic healing. One of the major texts of Ayurveda called “Charaka samhita” which describe a theory and practice of child care which is known as “Kaumara Bhritya”. This branch of Ayurveda shows dealing with the health care and various treatment of diseases in baby right from the birth to adolescence.
Best Ayurvedic Oil For Baby Massage
The concept of childcare in Ayurveda have the complete care taking of all elements that could affect the health of a child. It outline the health care measures from per-conception to prenatal care from the mother to fetus right through the delivery from the baby’s growth to adolescence.

The mental development of a child is very important prospectus of Ayurveda. The concept of Balagraha is to cure common mental and psychosomatic disorders through various herbal solutions that can affect children. The herbs like Nardo (Jatamansi) and Rasana (Pluchealanceolata) are recommended in massage oils and bath water to soothe, relax and calm small children. Many oils can be used individually or with the combination of other.

The Importance Of Ayurvedic Baby Massage

1.It ensures proper blood circulation in body.
2.It increases muscular strength and resistance.
3.It helps in building sense and nervous system.

The Three Doshas Can Be Stabled By Massage Therapy

Vata: Represents the symbol of air that is one of the three natural elements of the body. If it is unbalanced, then it can badly affect the digestive system.

Pitta: Represents the symbol of fire that deals with nutrition and metabolism. If it is Imbalance, it can result in anger and stress.

Kapha: Represents as The mixture of earth and water. It provides strength and power of enduring. If it is Imbalance, it can result in overall weakness.

All above mentioned disorders in three “doshas” can easily be avoided in children if proper body massage with every precaution is practiced. The ayurvedic oils are used to improve the process of purification it penetrate the skin and balance the doshas. They have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The massage oil used penetrate the skin making nutrients directly into the blood capillaries, loses toxins and leads attached to the digestive tract for elimination. Herbal oils improve digestive system, blood circulation, nourishes the skin and works to balance the emotions and relax the mind.

Types Of Oils That Can Be Used To Baby Massage

Massage oil plays an important role in the growth of the baby. Take a quick look at the oils that are commonly used to massage baby. You can start massaging your baby with any of these oils.Try to avoid branded oils as it have perfume and other harmful chemicals that may be harmful for baby.Always us oil in its purest form or take an advise of your doctor about what oil will suit the needs of your baby’s skin.

1.Almond oil

Almond oil is well known baby massage oil widely used in India. It is known as ‘Badam Tel’ it is rich in vitamin E compared to coconut oil. It is very good for your baby’s skin .The use of almond oil for massage ensures soft and glowing skin.

2.Coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered as another best oil to massage your baby. It is widely used in the southern India for baby massage. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help to prevent infection of the skin caused the baby’s skin.

3.Ghee Pure

Pure ghee is also used for massaging babies and recommended in Ayurveda. However it is not used in very large scale but some family have traditions. It is used generally in winter when the weather is too cold to protect the body against the cold.It is also used for various skin infections and diaper rashes.

4.Mustard oil

Mustard oil is an other oil that is used on a large scale in northern part of India. The people in this region are also attach to a traditional values to this oil. It is also used for massaging babies, in addition elders do use mustard oil.Mustard oil is edible oil and is used in many food products in the northern part of India.

5.Olive oil

Olive oil are generally used in Western countries but now it is also used in india as edible oil and for baby massage to.It is rich of anti-oxidants with good moisturiser and full of vitamins.Remember to use olive oil especially packaged for massaging babies.

6.Sesame seeds

Sesame oil is one of the best oil that can be used for massage.It is a natural skin conditioner when rubbed on the skin oil penetrates to the marrow of the bones. On the way it collect oil soluble toxins and takes them into the bloodstream to be eliminated by the body as waste. It neutralizes the oxygen radicals, which are believed to be one of the main reason of aging. I is use to cure sinusitis and other conditions.Baby massage can improve growth keep a soundful sleep.

For best results massage your baby regularly until your baby becomes a year or two. Use proper way to massage your baby or consult an experienced lady to massage your baby. In India massaging a baby is a traditional that came from generation .Basically grandmother are in charge of massaging the mother and newborn baby.

Note: At the end of the massage your baby will be slippery with oil.So wipe the excess oil and wrap in a towel before bathing or dressing it. Now you baby is ready for a long relaxed.Make it a part of your daily routine and enjoy the benefits of massage for you and your baby.