To be healthy and fit we need a strong immune system which can take us through various seasons and climate change. There are many ways to be the fit and one way is by taking proper care of our skin, as our skin is the largest organ of a body, it is necessary that we get it detoxification.
Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing – Ayurvedic Garshana Treatment
Ayurveda has a tradition treatment and various therapies which can provide us detoxification. Garshana or dry skin brushing is one of the easiest practices to encourage the body to cleanse. It has simple life-enhancing and quick therapy known as “Garshana-Abhyanga”.

It Stimulates and nourishes our body and gives your mind-body a helpful boost. It can be a perfect treatment in this modern world, which can deliver a rapid rush to all systems. It is a simple therapy which can be done you at home that’s great isn’t it.

What is Garshana?

Garshana literally means “to rub” or “rubbing” it is also called the “dry massage.” It is a rigorous massage which increases vitality and energy. Brushing on the body the skin cells have an exfoliating effect which smoothes the skin. Gharshana massage is done by wearing gloves made of raw silk, wool or using terry towel. It is a dry massage treatment which is performed without any usage of oil, some time herbal powder are used to massaged on the body . This dry massage is performed for three to four minutes every day with gloves made from raw silk.

Ayurveda recommends Garshan to stimulate the metabolism, for an improved blood circulation and a better complexion. When medicated herbal powder is rubbed on a body the skin cells get exfoliating effect which ultimate smoothes the skin.

It also stimulates circulation to all the tissues of the body so it can be great therapy for skin care. The Garshan massage stimulates the connective tissue and prevents cellulite. It does support the reduction of fatty tissue so it can also be suitable to those who want to lose weight.

How to Gharshana Ayurvedic Massage?

Traditionally, Ayurveda uses raw silk or linen gloves, but if you find difficult to find you can use natural (non-synthetic) body brushes with a long handle so that you can reach all areas of the body. There are three principal areas you’ll have to focus on feet, stomach and the arms.


  1. Start at your feet, move in long free- flowing motions from toes to heel repeat this movement up to about 5-10 times.
  2. Remember all rubbing movements should be directed toward your heart and repeatedly done on one section of the body before moving to the next step.
  3. Now come to the ankles, the knees and from the knees to the hips, rub it towards back and forth with a friction-like movement.
  4. Then move around the joints and hips using large circular motions.


  1. Rub around your abdomen in a clockwise motion, take care to be a little gentler around the more sensitive areas of your body (i.e. chest area and belly).
  2. Then massage the abdomen using parallel strokes with your hands moving it in opposite directions.


  1. Start with the hands and move toward the elbow joints and up to the shoulder joints and neck.
  2. Make circle movement at the shoulder and proceed down the upper arm with back and forth strokes covering all surfaces. Then come towards the elbow and then on the forearm, proceed towards circles on the wrist.
  3. Make sure to rub the spaces between each finger, continue the same sequence on the other arm.

Precaution & Care

1. Avoid applying the dry brush on your face and make sure to use a separate tool for sanitary purposes and use brush made for the sensitive facial skin.

2. After dry brushing, take a hot Bath so that it promotes sweating.

3. Rinse with cold water at the end to close the pores, this may boost your immune system.

4. Now pat your body with a towel leaving some moisture from the water and apply oil of your choice. Make sure you use organic cold-pressed virgin olive, coconut, or sesame oil for best results.

Note: Avoid near the sensitive areas and where the skin is broken or inflamed.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing-Ayurvedic Garshana

1.It Relieve Stress : If dry skin brushing is perfectly performed it can give you the feeling of peaceful regular massage can soothe the nerves, reduces muscle tension and calms the mind.

2.It Clean Clogged Pores: Dry brushing is one of the best therapy for exfoliation, it exuviates dead skin cells and allows the pores to breathe and prevents toxic build-up in the body.

3.It Rid of Dead Skin: It  strengthens detoxification of body and keeps skinning uniform as baby’s skin.

4.It Reduces Cellulite: Cellulite is simply an cluster of toxic buildup in your fat cells. Dry brushing frees the toxins and allows relocation through the different systems of elimination and helps to lose body fat.

5.It Enhances Lymphatic Drainage: The lymphatic system is responsible for removing “Amma” (cellular waste product), it allows the toxins to be drained from the tissues and transported through the blood for riddance. Blockage of your lymphatic system can lead to a health problem, including inflammation and congestion.

Garshana massage is a therapy that evokes the intellect of the body and eliminates impurities. It’s magnificent simple and can be done effortlessly before bathing or showering. With this method, toxins are freely released from the body by unclogging pores, and you can perform it on yourself.