Bitter Melon bitter gourd is commonly called as (Karela ) in all over India it is vegetable. This vegetable is green in color and tapering ends. It is covered with blunt tubercles. The vegetable bitter gourd is a very bitter taste and hence the name.
Bitter Melon Benefits And Side Effects
The two varieties, dark green variety and is available in rectangular pale green variety. It is grown widely in all Asian countries.Bitter gourd has many medicinal properties. It mainly is used as an appetite stimulant. It appetizer, antipathetic, and as a laxative as antibiotics used.

Particularly bitter as is an anti-diabetic medication. Research studies have shown that bitter gourd in the hypoglycemic principles involved and thus it helps to reduce blood sugar levels like insulin does. This vegetable is popular called as plant insulin.

The vegetables should be included liberally in the diet of diabetics. Empty stomach for diabetics to take the vegetable juice is advised for better results. In the seeds of bitter gourd curry Indian food preparation is as a condiment. lectins antilipolytic and lipogenic Present in bitter gourd have proved helpful in controlling blood sugar levels bitter type 2 or adult onset diabetes in patients has been.

Bitter Melon Medicinal properties

The vegetable have 92% humidity does not contain any fat. It contains 4.2% 1.8% carbohydrates and protein. To maintain the good health provides many other essential minerals. It provides 88mg calcium, 20mg phosphorus, and iron 1.8 mg.

Top 7 Uses Of Bitter Melon

1.Cure Diabetic: Diabetic patients who are suffering from malnutrition can be benefit from this vegetable. It also helps reduce other symptoms related to diabetes and helps increase the body’s immunity.

2.Improve Eye Sight:It is also useful in the treatment of eye complications.

3.Cure Hemorrhoids :Bitter gourd juice also helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The plant’s roots paste when applied externally for hemorrhoids relief of pain and swelling allows.

4.Blood Purifier :Bitter gourd juice help the purifying blood. The itching, psoriasis, herpes infection treatment helps, and other fungal infections. It also helps reduce itching stimulus.

5.Improve Blood Disorder: When the juice taken on empty stomach in the morning with lime juice gives beneficial treatment.

6.Cure Asthma :Bitter gourd plant also helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The diagnosis of asthma, bronchitis pharyngitis, and rhinitis is. The root of the plant with equal amounts of honey is used as a paste and is taken once before bed. The treatment for a month can give excellent treatment against respiratory disorders.

7.Prevent liver Damage :Leaves of bitter gourd juice also helps to prevent liver damage due to alcohol. Bitter gourd juice of leaves is used in the treatment of cholera. It also accelerated treatment of diarrhea during the summer to give. To the bitter grapefruit may be useful in cancer treatment has been suggested.