There is a famous saying “An old friend is better than the new two,” this statement is familiar, perhaps, to each of us. However, psychologists claim that in some cases it is best to stay away from so-called old buddy friends, for your own good.
4 Types Of People You Should Never Trust In Life Or Communicate
Here are some reasons why we should avoid the people from your past and some ways new are also better.

1. School Buddies Who Offended You

If you are somehow invited to a meeting of graduates, you are mostly advised to skip such school gatherings under any excuse. You may find your former classmates, who used to poison your life in school with your actions, suddenly rush your neck and leave you alone with your own memories.
1. School Buddies Who Offended You
After all as usual, they remembered only the bright moments from school life, but the episodes of harassment or bullying of classmates completely erased from their memory. However, you, unlike them, will never forget the nightmare that your best years turned into.

It may even now happens that you wake up at night in a cold sweat from memories of humiliation and tyranny. Therefore, do not pretend that everything is good, and you forgave everyone. It’s better not to meet such people at all than

2. Best Friend Who took Your Men Away

There is no female friendship, and this is proven by women from time to time, insidiously taking away the men of their girlfriends and destroying their families.
2. Intimate friends who took your men away
So, if on your way you met such friends who once destroyed your relationship with your loved one. When meeting them on your way once again, do not rush to restore contacts and let them in your life again. Remember how much pain and despair you brought to their actions, and how hard it was for you to recover.

And let the time put everything in its place, and now you even, to some extent, thank them for the fact that you didn’t have anything with your chosen one. You just shouldn’t open your heart to someone who once broke your life and may find opportunity, to do it again.

3. Relatives – Neighbors Who Made Your Life Miserable

Yes, yes, life is an unpredictable thing, and sometimes it turns out that the closest people set you up to the most. For example, remember, in teens some aunt dissipated gossip about you, slandered you in the eyes of other relatives, and generally made you a whipping.
3. Relatives (Or Neighbors) That Made Your Life Miserable
In the end, everyone turned away from you, and you were not welcome to any family party. All of you, your childhood and youth were tormented and wondering what made you so bad to your aunt. The reason turned out to be quite banal. First of all, this lady envied your family that they were so prosperous, friendly; they also raised children with dignity.

Secondly, in this way, she tried to set up all her relatives against you, in order, so to speak, to exclude you from the list of heirs. This happens in life, alas acting on the sly, Or for example, a certain grandmother apparently tells the neighbors tales about you and puts you in the most unfavorable light.

No, you did absolutely nothing wrong with her, but she just found, as she thought, an excellent candidate, on which she took out all her anger and discontent with life. So feel free to leave these “well-wishers” in your past and pursue your future.

4. Business Partners Who Deceit You

People who could not support you in a certain situation or solve an important issue cannot be called your partners and, accordingly, expect to continue cooperation.
4. Business Partners Who Framed You - Most Crucial Moment
If you still doubt whether to give them a second (third) chance, just think about the loss of profits, and that you now have to cope with a difficult situation and adjust the whole process. It is especially hard to decide to break if you started a business with your buddies who, later deceived you in large numbers such as, they might not return the debt, disrupted the supply, etc. But psychologists say that if you put same people up once again, then nothing will stop them from doing it again. So do not tempt fate and go on without them.