What is Anemia ? When a person is diagnosed to have anemia, it means that person’s blood cells count is lower.So we can simply call anemia a deficiency of the red blood cells or can be called as low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells by hemoglobin. A deficiency in one of these mean low oxygen supply to tissues in the body.
home remedies for anemia patients
Hemoglobin deficiency leads to a malfunction of the respiratory system and cause many diseases.Anemia can be caused by blood loss in other words not enough red blood cells are produced in the body or greater amount of red cells are being destroyed. The causes of anemia can be listed as below.

Causes Of Anemia

  • Low red blood cell production due to loss of bone marrow activity. When the body stops producing enough red blood cells, this type of anemia that is called “a plastic anemia” where increasing chances of catching infections.
  • The deficiency of body to absorb vitamin B12 from food. This type of anemia is generally known as pernicious anemia.
  • Inherited Diseases blood. Genetic causes of anemia such as sickle cell disease is transmitted by genes. In sickle cell anemia, blocked cell bodies get proper blood circulation.Thalassemia is another inherited disease where the body does not have certain genes or different genes that are not normal are passed from parents to kin. These conditions affect the process of production of hemoglobin.
  • Iron deficiency in the diet may cause low growth of red blood cells.
  • Heavy Loss of blood due to hemorrhoids (bleeding piles),heavy menstruation and injury.
  • A deficiency of vitamins,such as folic acid,vitamin C, vitamin B12, B6,especially folic acid and copper. This type of anemia can been known as anemia of vitamin deficiency.
  • Chronic diseases such as renal failure, tuberculosis,cancer,rheumatoid arthritis etc. can also cause anemia, especially when the person is treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Continued destruction of red blood cells.
  • Lack of hydrochloric acid used for digestion of protein and iron can cause anemia.
  • The presence of intestinal parasites that feed on the vitamins and other nutrients may also lead to deficiency of nutrients in the body leading to anemia.

Symptoms Of Anemia

  • Problems like bloating ,Indigestion and constipation, and other digestion related is also seen Anemia.
  • Heartbeat growing fast. Even minor activities can increase heart rate in excess.
  • Skin may appear Pale due to blood loss.
  • Nails and lips may appear Discoloration.
  • The type of anemia known as “Pica”,In which the person suffering from anemia crave eating non-food substances, such as soil,coal,starch or even hair. This is one of the signs of anemia signposted nutritional deficiency.
  • Fatigue that inhibits a person to perform for long hours.
  • Hands and feet of the Anemia patient feels cold.
  • Shortness of breath and dizziness and lack of vitality.
  • Sleeplessness is also a sign of anemia in several cases.

Lifestyle Recommendations for Anemia Patient

Avoid ingesting antacids,coffee and tea and is crucial for the treatment of anemia. Caffeine derivatives from beverages and other substances may reduce iron absorption by the body. The sun’s rays help in the production of red blood cells and,sunbathing in the early morning or late at night for 15 to 30 minutes is beneficial for the treatment of anemia.

Ayurvedic massage body,wet or dry scrubbing are also beneficial in anemia. Epsom Warm baths and cold baths for 10 minutes a week can also help in the treatment of anemia. Cooking in iron pots had been an ancient Indian tradition that should be taken by people who have anemia, which significantly increases the amount of iron in food.

Dietary Recommendations For Anemia

A healthy diet rich in iron and vitamins is the basic requirement to cure anemia. Whole grains, legumes, nuts, dried dates, beets, red meat, legumes, eggs, fish, organ meats and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, etc., are essential to maintain the production of hemoglobin in the upper levels.

Green leafy vegetables and grains are necessary to counteract the deficiency of folic acid. Natural sources of vitamin C, such as Indian gooseberry (amla), peppers, guava, etc. must also be included in the diet. Eating apple on a regular basis is a good remedy for anemia. Parsley, lettuce, spinach are good for increased production of red blood cells.

Herbal Remedies for Anemia

Proper nutrition and maintaining red blood cell production through diet and other efforts is the mantra to get rid of anemia. However, in some genetic disorders such as Tallahassee, anemia cure is found only in blood transfusions regularly. In all other cases there any home remedies or the other for the treatment of anemia.There are many herbs which can be used for anemia treatment here are few of them


Fenugreek leaves are good for blood formation. Cooked leaves help prevent anemia. Is taken as an effective blood tonic helps in curing anemia during menstruation. Fenugreek seeds also help keep the iron content in the body.

2.Ash gourd

Ash gourd is a large fruited vegetables like squash(pumpkin). Is a useful remedy for anemia. Traditionally, a sweet in India called “Petha” is made from ash gourd boiling the fruit pulp in water and adding sugar syrup to it. However, the juice of raw ash gourd taken on an empty stomach in the morning is also beneficial in anemia.

3.Gokulakanta grass

Gokulakanta grass purifies the blood and is useful in the treatment of anemia. A decoction of the root can be given to the patient’s anemia.


It have a good amount of iron content and therefore is beneficial in the treatment of anemia.

5.Dill and Sowa

It is effective in spasmodic menstrual pain in girls and the absence of menstruation due to anemia, cold exposure and anemia in pregnancy. If 60 grams of dill is taken with a teaspoon of parsley juice helps in anemia during menstrual periods.


Celery is also beneficial not only for the treatment of anemia, but also for other blood diseases as leukemia and hemophilia. It can be combined with chicory and parsley is a very useful herbal remedy for anemia.

7.Other herbs

Other herbs such as dong quai, dandelion, barley and alfalfa leaves are also good sources of vitamins and minerals and can be effective in the treatment of anemia.