Vashti is one of the most important treatment of the Panchakarma therapies. This is the introduction of herbal oils and potions into the colon through the rectum.Vashti is the ace of all Panchakarma treatments. In simple terms, means Vashti medicated enema. Wash out all your toxins through the digestive tract.
Vasthi Ayurvedic Massage
Because drugs go directly to the intestines, without enzymatic actions, their effectiveness is very high. Therefore, Vashti also made along with many other Ayurvedic treatments. Because of its potential healing ability, Vashti is considered “mid-treatment” for many of these types of diseases.As rejuvenation of health, Vashti provides high immunity and longevity, reduce the degeneration of the tissues and prevents aging.

Honey, salt, herbal pastes, oils and decoctions are the main ingredients of the preparation used for Vashti. After earlier operating procedures, the medicinal preparation is introduced into the intestine through the anus. It takes just 5 minutes for this, but the patient has to maintain at least another 20 to 30 minutes before ejecting out.

Method Of vashti Ayurvedic massage

Vashti is a new Ayurvedic treatment includes application of herbal decoction or oil in the problem areas (neck, lower back) so the medicinal decoction or oil can be poured inside the handmade flour container to keep there. When applied by itself will last 20-30 minutes, if combined with local abhyangam, can last up to 1 ½ – 2 hours.This powerful treatment is a general cure for almost all kinds of diseases

The drug  removed toxins from whole-body channels in the bowels, which are then expelled from the body.Vasthi should be done only under the strict guidance of doctors. The frequency of enema, retention time, the type and amount of drugs used, food habits, etc. varies from person to person. The usual recommended course is 4 or 5 Vashti course.

Benefit Of Vashti Ayurvedic massage

This treatment is very effective for certain types of headaches, paralysis, mental disorders, certain types of skin diseases, etc.It relieves constipation, distention, chronic fever, common cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, back pain and hyper acidity,Acute and Chronic back pain,Muscle spasms, Spondylitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis,Disc prolapse and sciatica, Osteoporosis,Compression fractures, Rheumatoid arthritis and gout are also treated  by Vashti massage. Vashti Snehavasti is where medicated oils are used. This treatment is generally not recommended for patients who suffer from diabetes, anemia, diarrhea, and obesity

Herbs and ingredients used in Vashti Ayurvedic massage

Dill seed used for the manufacture of herbal paste which reduces pain and inflammation. Rock salt is used which increase penetration.Honey is used which help remedies in spreading faster in the intestines.