There are several easy and effective solutions that you can use at home to ensure a full and healthy head of hair. However, you should start with the use of preventive measures to ensure that they suffer from hair loss for no reason. Sometimes this can happen quite easily, especially because they do not realize the extent of damage caused by negligence.
Home Remedies For Hair Growth
To begin, you must stop using plastic combs have fine teeth. This will only end up tangling the hair and the result will be preventive not to lose more hair. Try using wooden combs, as not only ensure that you are not losing too much hair, but also reduce static electricity in your hair. In this way, your hair will always be less dry and less prone to excessive breakage and damage chain. Hair irons, blow dryers, curling rods and other equipment electrical hair care that generate excessive heat can damage your hair long. Do not use these devices regularly, as it will make your hair dry and brittle and therefore prone to breakage.

In order to encourage new hair growth, you should make a point to keep your hair well nourished. This can be done by applying hair oil on your scalp at least twice a week. Hair oil is essential for healthy silky hair, providing hair with nutrients and moisturizes.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster Practices to be followed by washing hair and hair oiling.

1.Potato water: When you cook the potatoes don’t throw the water. Let cool, and rinse your hair with it. This rinsing accelerates hair growth .

2.Grape seed oil: The oil grape seed are believed to stimulate hair growth. Give your scalp with this oil massage before bed.

3.Onion: Add chopped onion to your regular shampoo.Repeat cycle for fifteen days and regular shampooing. Not only will  will give your hair shine glacial but also accelerate the growth of hair.

4.Aloevera with honey: Cut three pieces of Aloevera leaves and scrape. Mix the gel with honey and apply on the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

5.Reflexology Method: Hands on a semi fist, place the fingernails of each hand to each others nails and buff,rub each other back and forth quickly for five minutes every day.

6.Another use of onions: Cut a red onion in half, add four cloves and two cinnamon sticks. Put everything in a pot and boil for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with this liquid for four days.

7.Birth control pills: Grind four or five birth control pills and add them to your regular shampoo.It will your hair grow faster  healthier and with more abundant.

8.Sleeping with braids: Before going to bed at night, wash the hair. Tie your hair into two braids while still wet. Sleep with the braids overnight. Repeat the next night. After a week of days, you will notice that your hair is longer.

9.Power Breakfast: 1 tablespoon wheat germ, 1 tablespoon yeast, 1 tablespoon soy lecithin, 1 tablespoon honey and a cup of yogurt. Combine all ingredients in yogurt and eat it every day before breakfast. In a week you’ll see results, a hair full of strength and growing fast.

10.Cactus or Aloevera: Cut a cactus or aloe leaves into small pieces and left in water overnight. Apply water on the hair and leave for as long as possible.

11.Nutrition for hair: 1 egg, 1 dash of olive oil, 2 tablespoons honey. Apply on the scalp with a vigorous massage. Cover the head with a towel for at least  30 minutes. Wash normally.

12.Rosemary water: A daily use of rosemary rinse with water will make hair grow faster.